Nanobrewery Updates

Here is where all of the posts, pics and videos will fall when dealing with our nanobrewery, Black Heart Brewery

Brewhemoth Conical Fermentor First Run

We brewed our first batch and tested out our temperature controlled Brewhemoth 22 gallon conical fermentors.

Automated Fermentation Test Video

We have been working on modifying our upright freezers to be fully temperature controllable units, full programable via a Fermtroller unit. Here is a video of the test.

Brewhemoth Fermentors Unboxing

We just got in our new Brewhemoth 22 gallon fermentors. We had two of them built for us and each are able to produce 15 gallons of finished beer. In the video, we unbox them and test out the new fittings from Brewer’s Hardware. More in depth review to follow. Cheers!

August 2011 Update

A quick video about incorporating, merchandise, fundraising, Kickstarter, and how to increase your chances to try our beer.

Small Business Fridays
Recently, the gentlemen from the Binghamton Marketing stopped by to shoot one of their weekly webisodes – Small Business Fridays – about our nanobrewery, Black Heart Brewery. We were in the middle of a very hot Saturday brew session when they stopped in to do a video shoot/interview. They were great, with awesome questions and a whole lot of amazement (as often people have when they see our DIY brewing technology). So give the video below a watch. And there will be more nanobrewery video updates to come real soon. Cheers!


Control Panel Test Video – 2011.02.28
On Sunday, Brett and I spent the entire day, a good 10 hours of it, in the brewery soldering, cutting, stripping, and connecting wires and components. We are happy to announce we now have working switches and LED indicator lights. These let us know that the components are getting power, and are explained further in the video below. We are ordering the rest of the box parts tomorrow and it will be completed on Thursday, less the Brewtroller 4.0, which we are waiting to hear an arrival date on. Other than that, we can finish hooking back up the plumbing, route the wires, test the valves and connections. We will be brewing within 2 weeks; period.
We were pleased to find out today that our friend Adam, who is BHB’s welder, will be finishing up the mounting arm for the control box, and we will have it in place by mid week; pictures to come.
Our grain mill is hopefully going to be completed by the time we brew again, but if not, I will deal with ONE last manual crush session at the local homebrew store [Author’s note: As an aggressive inline skater, I have sustained many shoulder injuries through the years, most recently with a dislocation prior to massive snow storms, so that Monster Mill is going to be my new best friend soon.]
Like I said previously, we are 2 weeks away from being able to brew again, and once we do, the beer will be flowing. We just ordered up 11 1/6bbl kegs, that we hope to fill very soon via a weekly brewing schedule, a goal that we are on task to reach by the end of March.
That is all for now. Please enjoy the short update below, with many more to follow, including some in depth videos on nanobrewing. Cheers!



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  1. Great site guys.. I dream of going Nano at some point.

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