Hops 2012 – April

Spring stopped by early in Binghamton, and then took a ten day vacation. Hops were happy, then the hops were cold. A few of the tallest and first shoots were damaged when covered for the last hard frost at the end of March. Some of the newly transplanted cuttings are doing decent. I moved thirty cuttings outside into five pots. I use eighteen gallon blue buckets that were previously readily available at Home Depot for $6 the last few years. This year, not there. I have fourteen pots – three are on their third year, six are on their second, and five new ones; each with twelve cuttings. I will be erecting a pole in my backyard shortly to run lines up to with the ability to lower and raise each bucket individually; each with four lines per bucket. For those keeping score, fourteen buckets, four lines, with three bines per line comes to 168 bines total. Awesome.

Cuttings are ready to transplant outdoors. The roots have found their way out the bottom of the peat planter.





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