Tröegs “HopBack Amber Ale” Review (#143)

Tröegs "HopBack Amber Ale"

“HopBack Amber Ale”
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

From The Brewery

Tröegs Brewery’s Flagship beer, HopBack Amber Ale derives its name from a vessel in the brewhouse called a hopback. As the ‘wort’ is being transferred from the brewhouse to fermentation it passes through the hopback vessel. Packed full of fresh whole flower hops, the wort slowly circulates through this vessel extracting the essence of the aromatic hops. This vessel adds more time and more hop character that creates a fresh, spicy taste and rich caramel note that defines this signature ale

ABV: 6%
IBUs: 55
Color (SRM): Amber
Availability: Year Round
Malts: Pilsner, Munich
Hops: Cascade, Williamette, Nugget
HopBack Hops: Whole Leaf Nugget, Mt Hood
Yeast: Ale


Appearance: This brew pours a glowing amber with a half inch lacy white head. It truly is an amber beer, not just in the name.

Smell: Floral hops with a sweet malt lingering – very tea like.

Taste: A full flavored brew: starts off with a huge punch of floral hops, followed by a wave of caramel malt sweetness, finishing with more hops – more earthy with a bit of spice mixed with the lingering malt. Complex; the yeast seems nicely subtle.

Mouthfeel: Medium bodied and mouth coating sweetness.

Drinkability: High – very approachable even for a full flavored beer.

Notes: Tröegs comes through again! This beer is very complex and delicious. What I love about American Amber Ales is that they can be malt forward, but can still pack a hell of a hop punch.


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