Horseheads Brewing “Sullivan’s Stout” Review (#138)

Horseheads Brewing "Sullivan's Stout"


Horseheads Brewing
“Sullivan’s Stout”
Horseheads, New York

From The Brewery

This style of beer is classified as an American Stout. The focus is on the roasted malts used during the brewing process. Our version uses several of these dark and flavorful malts, thus the color is dark and dense and the taste is robust and hearty.



Appearance: A very very dark brown to black with a thin and solid tan head. Opaque and medium viscosity. It left sporadic thin lacing.

Smell: A bit earthy with cocoa and a little bit of fresh ground coffee.

Taste: Full flavored – roasted malt forward with residual sweetness. Semi sweet chocolate with a lingering lactose sweetness. Occasionally hints of vanilla would pop through as would a bit of heat/esters. Overall, chocolate and coffee all over with a long lasting finish.

Mouthfeel: Smooth, creamy, medium weight. Not to dry on the finish, quite coating.

Drinkability: Medium. A little heavy for a regular stout, but very enjoyable.

Notes: A very solid, heavier stout – I could only imagine what an imperial version would be like. I dig this beer; my first from this local brewery and I look forward to trying their IPA.


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