Guinness “Foreign Export Extra Stout” Review (#141)


Guinness "Foreign Extra Stout"

Foreign Extra Stout
Dublin, Ireland

From The Brewery

Foreign Extra Stout is brewed with generous hops and roasted barley for a bittersweet balance & full-flavored, natural bite. Developed over 200 years ago for global export from Ireland, the addition of extra hops ensured this Stout would arrive to its destination in perfect condition. Today, Guinness Foreign Extra Stout is enjoyed by millions of people around the world.



Appearance: It pours a blackish black with a thick big bubbled tan head. Small webs of lacing are left down the whole glass – the beer has nice legs as the whiskey folks would say.

Smell: Roast right up front on the nose. dough, yeast, and big French roasted coffee beans, right from the cooling tray.

Taste:A big roast bomb;starts off with a dark chocolate (80% cocoa or more) covered espresso beans, moving to vanilla, yeast esters, and a surprising amount of hops. It is subtle, but noticeable. The Foriegn Export has  a bit more baker’s chocolate and cocoa than their Extra Stout, and a little less astringent burn

Mouthfeel: Full bodied, heavy, and chewy.

Drinkability: Medium to high. This is not as big as many Imperial Stouts; it is a nice in between.

Notes: FINALLY! I have been a fan of Guinness for many years – it was the 2nd beer I ever tried – and looked forward to trying this for a long time. It has been only available in South America/Caribbean up until this past October. I drop to Ithaca to pick up a 4 pack of this the minute they got it in (it is now available in and around Binghamton). It lived up to my expectations  as an even bigger version of the Extra Stout – which I have loved and is my go to dark cooking beer. Go get this. the Extra Stout, and the Draught. That is a post I might have to do in the future.


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