Dogfish Head “Olde School Barleywine” Review (#118)

Dogfish Head "Old School Barley Wine"

Dogfish Head
“Old School Barley Wine”
Milton, DE

From The Brewery

Bold, yet smooth! Fermented with dates and figs, this bone-crusher has a completely unique flavor.
The concept for this beer came from an old Cellerman’s manual Sam came across (for more on that, check out the video below).
At 15% abv, this beer is a great candidate for ageing. Over time, the beer dries out and the pit fruit flavors come forward and the hops recede. Our recommendation? Grab a few bottles when you find it – enjoy one now, and age the others for a bit. Let us know which you prefer!

Availability: Limited
ABV: 15%


Appearance: It poured a glowing golden amber orange with a thin white head. Low carbonation, low lacing, BIG legs (15% alcohol will do that).

Smell:Very strong smelling; toffee and caramel right off the bat followed by candied stone fruit – plums and black cherry with brown sugar and a bunch of heat.

Taste: Potent! Sweet and hot – but not overbearing. Starts off with brown sugar, raisins, and yeast esters then moves to more figs and heat.

Mouthfeel: Viscous, smooth and syrupy. Coats the whole inside of your mouth like cough syrup.

Drinkability: Low.

Notes: An after dinner, night cap of a beer. Very heavy, very hard, very potent. This is one that I will be picking up to put some years of age on it in the cellar. Tasty and strong. Not to be meddled with!


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