FX Matt Brewery “Saranac Imperial Stout” Review (#112)

FX Matt Brewery
“Saranac Imperial Stout”
Utica, NY

From The Brewery

Saranac Imperial Stout is part of our “High Peaks Series,” a line of beers that are bigger, more complex and flavorful; beers that are meant to be sipped and savored. Saranac Imperial Stout is brewed with 11 malts to balance a delicious chocolate and coffee roasted flavor with a spicy herbal character of the generous kettle and dry hops.

Beer Style: Imperial Stout
Malt Selections: Chocolate, Roasted Barley, 2 Row
Hop Selections: Columbus, Summit
Color: Deep Reddish Brown
Mouthfeel / Body: Heavy
Food Companions: Hearty Dishes, Steak
ABV: 9.0
Original Gravity: 23
Availability: Seasonal


Appearance: It poured viscously into my tulip, sucking light from the room in its black darkness. Its thin tan head lasted a while, and gave massive lacing and stood on some strong legs.

Smell: Big roast – cocoa chocolate mixed with fresh ground coffee beans.

Taste: Big roast with smooth vanilla mixed with alcohol esters. This is a bold flavored beer; very dark milk chocolate, vanilla, coffee beans, and esters. Progresses nicely over the glass. Mild stone fruit as it finishes.

Mouthfeel: Large; smooth and creamy with perfect level of carbonation.

Drinkability: Medium; potent

Notes: Very impressed with this beer. It hit high notes on all 5 fronts, coming in very strong on flavor with zero astringent flavors. This winter will see many of these brews.


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