Sierra Nevada “30th Anniversary – Fritz And Ken’s Ale” Review (#108)

Sierra Nevada
30th Anniversary – Fritz And Ken’s Ale
Chico, CA

From The Brewery

Fritz Maytag, owner of San Francisco’s Anchor Brewing Company, is regarded as the founding father of the craft brewing movement. Frtiz agreed to guest brew this very special ale with us in honor of our 30th anniversary. As a nod to the dark ales and stouts that seduced both Fritz and Ken in the early years, we bring you this pioneering stout, a rich and roasted ale, perfect for aging, and worthy of your finest snifter. Enjoy!

ABV: 9.2%


Appearance: I poured this dense viscous black beer into my Spiegelau tulip; it is opaque with a capped nicely at the top with a thick chunky head that came back strong and dense with the swirl of a glass.  It left large thick legged lacing on the glass all the way down.

Smell: Big roast up front – malts and fresh ground coffee – with a health dose of hops shining through.

Taste: As full flavored as can be; roast bomb on the front with dark chocolate and coffee beans, followed by a surprising amount of hops – although it is indicative to the Sierra Nevada style. The finish starts off with drying bakers chocolate, and progresses to a black coffee ending.

Mouthfeel: Thick, creamy, and viscous. A nice level of carbonation keeps the aroma pouring out of the beer and lively on the palate.

Drinkability: For an imperial stout – HUGE. This bottle was very easy to champion and would have followed it up with another.

Notes: This is 1 of 4 specialty beers brewed for the 30th Anniversary of Sierra Nevada. I enjoyed this on the exact 30th anniversary of their first batch of beer brewed – 11/15/2010. It was perfect; in every way. Sierra Nevada’s love for hoppy beers comes through in well balanced offerings time and time again. I was just as impressed with their Tumbler Ale – a perfect dose of hops to a brown ale without being an Indian Brown Ale. I would not change one facet of this beer, and if there was only one stout I could drink for the rest of time, it would be this. I need to go get another bottle – or 3.

HUGE legs on the stout

Back of the bottle.



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