I want to apologize to anyone who might be waiting for me to update this blog; let me tell you a story.

At the end of Sept, my 8.5 month pregnant wife and I were moving into a house we were renting from a family member. We have been without internet for a few weeks at our old place – hence no DTPH updates for a while – and we planned on getting it set up ASAP in the new place. In the process of moving, I got a migraine, the tropical storm rolled through town, and again, my wife is almost 9 months pregnant. We finally get the last box moved in on Tuesday, October 5th at 11:30 PM. I worked 9 AM to 9:30 PM, came home, ate, and fell asleep on the couch. My wife woke me up at 1 AM with bad back pain. No contractions, no broken water, just back pain. I went to bed.

She wakes me up at 3 coming to lay down, and again at 5 when she went to go take a bath, because she was in so much pain. I go to check on her at 5:30, and becasue she is still hurting, we called the doctor who tells us to come in. We get there at 6, get in and they take her up to check her out. We figure they would give her something for pain, and put her on bed rest until the end of the pregnancy. After a quick look over, the nurses are talking and I hear one say ‘6-7’ to the other. I interject, “6 to 7 what?”.


“She is in labor?”

“Yes. You are going to have this baby this morning.”

At 8:44 AM, my wife gave birth to Jonathan Adam The 2nd, coming into the world at 7 lbs, 7 ounces, 20.25in long. Oh yeah, and it was our 4th year wedding anniversary.

This is why the Pierate Hole has not been updated in a while. I have been drinking new beers, taking pictures and hand writing reviews, waiting for the day we get the internet again. Today it was hooked up, I have a ton of reviews to upload; so sit back, and enjoy the flood of posts (mostly Oktoberfest reviews)

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