Video 001 – Intro

This is the first video clip from ‘Down The Pie-rate Hole’; a quick introduction video to say what’s up, what’s going on, and what’s to come. I will be doing as many videos as possible starting soon; while I do not have a show format, I will try to keep things short and on topic. Instead of a 25 minute video of me covering 5 topics, I would rather come out with 5 well done episodes that run 5 minutes long. So check out the clip, and stop back soon. The next video I am working on is covering the Ithaca Brew Fest, an upcoming beer event in Ithaca, New York on Saturday September 4th. The brewery folk and I are heading out to sample some beers; we have VIP passes, and I plan on shooting as much footage as possible. If I think of anything to cover in between, I will post up a video. Otherwise, that is what is on deck.

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