Welcome to my blog “Down The Pie-rate Hole”. My name is Jay, and I enjoy writing about my food and beverage experiences. Most of my postings are beer reviews, and I am working on expanding the scope of my writings to cover more about other artisan foods and craft beverages. If you go to my page “Beer Reviews“, you will see my complete list of beers reviewed, which thus far has been the major content of this site. Not anymore.

I am co-founder of a nanobrewery named Black Heart Brewery (www.blackheartbrewery.com) in Binghamton, New York. We are currently upgrading our brew system, and will be back full force by the end of March. We are in the business/license part of the project, and hope to be selling beers in local bars around Broome County in the coming 6-12 months.

I hope you enjoy my posts and feel free to post a comment or email me at pieratehole@gmail.com. Thank you and enjoy!

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One comment on “Welcome!

  1. josh young says:

    just stumbled on the pie_rate hole. really like what your doing with it, especially the videos. really interested in you progress as a nano brewery, as its something i would like to look into my self. keep up the good work and check out my site if you feel like it.

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