Long Trail “Pale Ale” Review (#075)

Long Trail Brewing Co.
“Pale Ale”
Bridgewater Corners, Vermont


Appearance: It starts at the top with a thick, white sticky head that left big thick lacing all the way down and stood strong just as long. The ale was a golden yellow with a little translucency.

Smell: It is a strong smelling beer, slight citrus piny hops backed by a hint of malt sweetness.

Taste: This one is balanced well, and mirrors the good qualities of the beers smell. It is a whole bunch of citrus hops, with a touch of earthy spice, but stays very lemony. The malt is there on the back end, giving this one a bit more to stand on than many pale ales.

Mouthfeel: A nice, thick mouth coating beer. The head is perfect on this one, and keeps it alive all the way through.

Drinkability/Palitability: Huge! This is one that you could put on tap in your house, and the keg would be gone before you knew it.

Notes: A very solid pale ale. Love the mouthfeel and is quite balanced. I need to drink this one more often.


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