Ithaca Soda Co “Ginger Beer” Review

Ithaca Soda Co.
Ginger Beer
Ithaca, New York

From The Soda Maker:

Clean and refreshing. This ginger beer boasts a pleasant peppery bite from real ginger, with a refreshing hint of lemon. Try it by itself or with a meal, and enjoy.


Appearance: I enjoyed this ice clear soda into a pint glass, which was very lively with small carbonation bubbles. Not much to see, which is nice in this case; no artificial colors or dyes are used.

Smell: Very lemony and bright; cooling carbonation fills your nose with hints of ginger.

Taste: Up front is a very refreshing, bright citrus and lemon zest. As you finish your sip, a fast moving taste of ginger hits you, followed by a huge increase in ginger smell. It leaves your mouth coated with a big peppery finish.

Mouthfeel: Bubbly and drying; sharp.

Drinkability: Medium; it is very refreshing, but is not thirst quenching as it leaves such a dry finish.

Notes: Very tasty! I greatly enjoyed this soda, as it is very different from Ithaca’s Root Beer, which was closer to a dessert, where as this would be great served with an appetizer. I look forward to trying more ginger beers!


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