Long Trail “Blackberry Wheat” Review (#070)

Long Trail Brewing Co.
“Blackberry Wheat”
Bridgewater Corners, Vermont


Appearance: This is a pale yellow beer with a one inch white head of small bubbles, that quickly thins out; enjoyed in a pintglass.

Smell:A mild and bright smelling brew; blackberries and wheat are what is shown.

Taste:Tart and slightly sweet; the wheat gives it a sharpness upfront followed by a hint of blackberries. The tartness is not too much, and dispates a bit as carbonation drops.

Mouthfeel:Active and sharp, a little over carbonated for me, and becomes more enjoyable as it looses CO2

Drinkability/Palitability:Medium; I have had a few of these before, and while not unpleasant, I enjoy other offerings by Long Trail more.

Notes:A decent beer, more wheat than blackberry. I would have liked a bit more body and more flavors (along with the aforementioned less carbonation).


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