Southern Tier “Porter” Review (#066)

Southern Tier
Lakewood, New York

From The Brewery:

Porter is our darkest beer, but not necessarily our strongest. It is widely held that the darker the beer, the stronger the beer, but this is summarily false. The contribution of color comes directly from the color of malt that we use. Some malt is roasted to achieve dark color and coffee-like flavor which in turn get transferred to the beer. Our Porter is richly complex with overtones of chocolate and espresso beans followed by a subtle flavor of hops. It’s a nourishing beer without being too sweet or filling.

ABV: 5.6%
SRM: 46.7ºL


Appearance: I hard poured this beer into my tulip glass, releasing the black liquid with a think but solid tan top.

Smell: Strong roast of coffee and malts, with some black chocolate mixed in.

Taste: All about roast and earth; big french roast coffee beans, malts and bakers’/dark chocolate. Rich and deep.

Mouthfeel: Light – It is perfect for the style. Heavy flavor, lighter bodied.

Drinkability/Palitability: High.

Notes: I don’t drink enough beers from Southern Tier! This is a solid example of an American Porter. Dark and delicious. Not overly complex: straight forward all about roast.


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