Sackets Harbor “War of 1812 Ale” Review (#059)

Sackets Harbor Brewing Co.
War of 1812 Ale
Saratoga Springs, New York

From The Brewery:

5.2%/v Awarded a Silver Medal in the World Beer Championships in the Amber Ale category for 1998, this is our flagship ale. It has a nutty malt flavor which is balanced by a citris hop flavor and a classic ale fruitiness. We distribute this ale on draft and in bottles throughout Northern & Central New York.


Appearance: This highly carbonated red orange liquid filled my pintglass, capped off at the top with an off white, fine bubbled head. It was very clear and clean.

Smell: Mild in scent; sweet malt and with biscuit and faint hops.

Taste: Sweet and yeasty; mild malts and biscuit; parallels the smell of the beer, but with a bit more hops – floral with a hint of citrus – than on the nose. Not overly complex, opens up a bit as it warms up.

Mouthfeel:Clean and refreshing. Not too carbonated, but quite lively at the pour. Slight malt weight to it; light bodied.

Drinkability/Palitability: Medium to low.

Notes:The first time trying this beer, I tried it in a mug (was from the same 6 pack as this review is written about). I was quite underwhelmed by this beers flavor. I LOVE the color of the beer – that glow of orange coming through on Amber ales. There was not much smell, and almost no flavor. As I finished the mug, it started to show signs of malt, but it wasn’t until I had a second in the half an hour that I began experiencing what this beer is about.
Now for this tasting, I tried it in my Samuel Smith imperial pint glass. It is a completely different beer. Still not huge in the flavor department, but much more up front than before. Glassware makes all the difference.


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