Ithaca Beer Co. Brewery Notes

Ithaca Brewery's Tasting Room

Ithaca Brewery
Ithaca, New York

On Saturday, July 10, a group of us headed out from Binghamton to Ithaca, for a day of fun. We started off at Buttermilk Falls, where my co-brewer Brett got engaged to his girlfriend MaryAna, in one of the greatest proposals known to man. (click for pics)
After the falls, we headed down the street a half a mile to The Ithaca Brewery, home of the Ithaca Beer and Ithaca Soda companies. I have been to the brewery a number of times prior, most likely close to 15 times over the last 5 years. But, I had never made it for a brewery tour. Until now.
After a few samples, we headed in for the tour. Pictures from behind the scenes are down bellow.
The tour was great, and afterwords we headed back to the tasting room for more samples.
On Tap
Pale Ale
Nut Brown Ale – one of my favorite beers of all time, and has been since I turned 21.
CascaZilla – A big sticky, hoppy red ale
Apricot Wheat
Cold Front – A Belgian-Style Amber Ale
Partly Sunny – A Wheat Ale brewed with spices
Ground Break – an American-Style Saison; the only one of these I had yet to try. A very good beer!

Also available was their Root Beer, which we brought home some of, and my review can be found HERE

After sampling, we checked out in their store, but some beers and our VIP tickets to this years Ithaca Brew Fest. I let them know that our friends had just gotten engaged, where upon the nice guy working ringing us out gifted the two with a bottle of their White Gold and two nice glasses.

Overall, it was a great time, and I look forward to going back to try some new beers that are coming out soon.

Mash kettle and boil kettle

Fermentors and Bright Beer tanks

Bottling Line

Cold Storaage

A gift for the newly engaged

Retail and Tasting Room


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