Tröegs “Sunshine Pils” Review (#056)

Tröegs Brewing Co.
“Sunshine Pils”
Harrisburg, PA

From The Brewery:

Seasonal Release (April – August)
Tasting Notes
Hop fans rejoice! Sunshine Pils combines the crisp taste of European style pilsners with a kicked-up hop character to create a balanced, refreshing seasonal beer. Golden in color with a fluffy white head, Sunshine Pils is the perfect beer for Summer.
Food Compliments
Since Sunshine Pils is a Summer beer, it is a fine compliment with all types of salads. It also pairs well with all shell fish and mild fish filets.
Serving Suggestions:
Temp: 40-45º F
Glassware:  Pilsner Flute
ABV: 5.3%
IBUs: 45
SRM: Straw/Golden
Availability: Seasonal
Malts: Pilsner, Crystal
Hops: Saaz, Mitt, Hallertau
Yeast: Lager


Appearance:This bright yellow pils lives up to its name; it glowed like sunshine as I poured it out into my pint glass, with a thick chunky head, that quickly settled to a thin, soapy lacing top.

Smell:Very bright smelling; citrus and spice, with a little earth mixed in.

Taste:A solid Pilsner; crisp with hops – citrus, grass, and a slight spicy earth at the end. A little more yeast comes through as it warms up a little. Transparent with no flaws.

Mouthfeel:Lively and refreshing. A summer beer.

Drinkability/Palitability:High; this is not a small beer, almost to the upper ends of ABV for the style. A great tasting, enjoyable beer.

Notes: I think this beer tastes exactly like Tröegs wanted it too. Pilsners are not beers with huge wow factors. They are either solid, or fall short. This is a quintessential American Pilsner. Summer in a glass.


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