Empire Brewing Co. Brewpub Notes

Empire Brewing Co. Pub Notes
Syracuse, New York

While driving home from a fantastically relaxing weekend at Sylvia Lake, in Gouverneur, NY. Tara’s relatives own a cottage on the lake, and I spent the holiday weekend catching up with family I have not seen in far too long. On the way back home to Binghamton, we stopped in Syracuse to eat and imbibe at Empire Brewing Co. I was fortunate enough to try their beers two weeks ago at NY Brewfest 2010 on Governor’s Island, in the New York City bay (read my blog writeup on it here)

We stopped in to try some beers; or rather I was trying, my 6 month pregnant wife was driving. I read on their website their menu and up to date tap list, as they have a wide variety of brews available at varying times. (see the list here)

The moment that I saw they had a Cream Ale on nitro, I knew what my first beer would be. Instantly I longed for a thicker, creamy version of the regionally available Genesee Cream Ale. I enjoyed this beer as we were waiting for our meals, which did not take long.
You can read my tasting notes here

For dinner I had the “Grilled Andouille Po’ boy”, which is a spicy Cajun sausage, with smoked gouda cheese, creole mustard, and fried tumbleweed onions. The food was amazing, huge slice and even bigger flavor. I knew the perfect beer to pair with this. Empire’s India Pale Ale. The huge hops cut through the spice and matched it perfectly.
Read my tasting notes here.

Overall, dinner and the beers were fantastic, and I will be stopping in to Empire Brewing Co. as soon as possible. The lake is calling my name.


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