NY Brewfest 2010

(Brett, Maryana and Jay at NY Brewfest on Governor’s Island, NYC)

Sporting Blackheart Brewery Polo’s, I in my kilt, we set out to NY Brewfest, taking place on Governor’s Island on Saturday June 20, 2010.(Blackheart Brewery is our nanobrewery in Binghamton, NY, for which we are just about completed with our buildout)
We stayed over in NJ the night before, hoping the train on Saturday morning, hitting a subway, and ending up at the docks at the bottom of Wall Street at 1:30. After walking through the security/ticket check in a minute, we walked on board the ferry, crossed the bay in minutes, picked up a new award on 4SQ and landed on the island.

NY Brewfest Poster

The gates opened at 2:30 for those with Connoisseur passes, and at 3:330 for those with General Admission. I bought my ticket on the Wednesday before the Saturday event. I wish I could have wandered around the beautiful island some more, but chose to stand in line as to be one of the 1st 20 or so GA people in at 3:30.

The gates opened and I walked inside to find my friends, all of whom had VIP pass. I began sampling as the crowds came in steady all afternoon. I will not go on and on about all the different beers I tried. I do have a two worth highlighting though

Great South Bay’s Snaggletooth Stout: This is a home run example of a classic stout. Rich and chocolaty, amazingly balanced. I big win, especially in contrast to the numerous Pale Ales and IPAs on hand.

And a second beer worth a mention is
Innis & Gunn oak-aged beer. It tasted very close to scotch, and impressed the hell out of me!

I could go on and on about beers I liked and did not like. But with so many on the memory and sample after sample piled on, beers deserve more attention and a larger sample to truly get what they are all about. Overall, we had a fantastic time, tried over 75 beers easily, and met some cool people. We stayed in the event until 8 or so, then made our way out to the docks. There was a large crowd and we made it through in 10-15 minutes no problem. I am reading other blog posts about it taking too long to get off the island. That was not the case with us. Yes, the event was crowded, but manageable. It was a great crowd, as I did not see one fight, wasted person, nor security issue. Overall, we had a blast and look forward to attending – and hopefully pouring at – next years. Enjoy the pictures!


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