Saranac “Summerbrew” Review (#046)

FX Matt Brewery
Saranac Summerbrew
Utica, NY

From The Brewery:

Brewers Notes:

For nearly 100 years, Europeans have mixed lemonade and beer as a refreshing beverage during the summer months. We continue this tradition with Saranac Summer Brew-A refreshing blend of lemonade and lager. Kick back, relax and enjoy!

Beer Style: German Radler
Malt Selections: North American Pale Malt
Fruit Selections: Lemon Juice
Color: Golden
Mouthfeel / Body: Light, Crisp
Food Companions: Light Fair
Alcohol By Volume: 3.5%


Appearance: Pale golden color, very bubbly and capped off with a white cloudy head.

Smell:Lemonade beer; slight tin

Taste:Sweet – little over the top – lemonade with a lager crisp finish.

Mouthfeel: Light and bubbly. Drying from the lemon juice.

Drinkability/Palitability:Depends on the weather. This is a hot weather beer. I tried this on a cool evening, but thought about the week earlier doing brewery construction outdoors in 95 degree sun and how awesome this beer would have tasted then.

Notes: I really think this beer tastes like they set out to make it; an Arnold Palmer beer. Enjoyable at the right times.


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