Great Lakes “Holy Moses White Ale” Review (#042)

Great Lakes Brewing Co.
Holy Moses White Ale
Cleveland, OH

From The Brewery:

Name Origin: Known for its crisp and clean taste spiced with orange peel, chamomile and coriander, this is truly a unique brew. Much like a certain city and its founder: Moses Cleaveland.
Style Origin: Usually pale in color, wheat beers are low in bitterness and hop character, highly carbonated and frequently light-bodied. Originating in Belgium, the Belgian Wit Ale differs from other wheat beers by the greater portion of wheat employed during the brewing process as well as the addition of ground coriander seed and curacao orange peel. The result is a tangy, fruity and refreshing brew.
Flavor: Spiced with orange peel, chamomile and coriander
Harrington 2-Row Base Malt: Allows color and flavor from other specialty malts to come through; makes for very clean beer
Wheat: Adds body and head retention
Oats: Gives beer distinctive full-bodied mouthfeel
Coriander: Added early and near end of boil for aroma and flavor
Chamomile: Added at end of boil for aroma
Orange Peel: Added in whirlpool for aroma
HOPS Hallertau: U.S. version of classic German noble hop; contributes slight bitterness and fine aromas to balance malt and spices
Pairs With: Seafood, salads and egg dishes
Style: Belgian Wit
Family Status: The colorful character
Availability: April–July
ABV: 5.4%
ABW: 4.3%
IBU: 30


Appearance: Poured hard into a pint glass, this golden yellow-orange hazy beer was capped by a thin white cap; with fine carbonation.

Smell:Mild but complex; orange peel, lavender, spice, hint of pepper. Yeast comes through in doughy malt.

Taste: Light and bright; hints of spice and cloves. Yeast on the finish; especially as it warms.

Mouthfeel: Effervescent but medium weight; it is a nice combination

Drinkability/Palitability: Huge; this is a wheat beer with legs and depth; but it is like a complex white tea. The flavors are not strong, but they are present.

Notes: An awesome beer that I was happy to have snagged a single of; now it is available in 6 packs around town. Going to be buying more.


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