FX Matt Brewing Co “Saranac Irish Stout” Review (#014)

Saranac Irish Stout
F.X Matt Brewery
Utica, NY

From The Brewer:

Deep within the heart of the Irish lies an uncanny passion for what they call “Leann Dubh”, or black ale. Saranac Irish Stout is a lavish beer blended with dark malts to create a coffee like taste. Look for a roasted character that is surprisingly smooth and refreshing, pint after pint.

Beer Style: Dry Stout
Malt Selections: Two Row, Roasted Barley
Hop Selections: Northdown, Golding
Color: Black
Mouthfeel / Body: Creamy, Medium Body
Food Companions: Heavy, Rich Food; Steak, Meat Pie, Raw Oysters
Alcohol By Volume: 5.5%
Original Gravity: 13.0


Appearance: This black opaque beer poured into a tasting pilsner, giving it a nice tan, creamy looking head. Fine carbonation kept the head thick, and left a ton of lacing on the inside of the glass.

Smell: Slight sweet richness and roasty, but not too heavy. Slight coffee notes and the malts come through.

Taste: Lighter than expected, with roasted malts on the front and a sweetening dryness on the end. As it warms, it gets a little richer and opens up more.

Mouthfeel: I would call this a light to medium bodied beer, but still has a nice creamy head that works well.

Drinkability: Huge; monstrous. This is one of the easiest drinking stouts I have had.

Notes: This beer is everything it sets out to be (as printed on the neck of the bottle and and shown above in the From The Brewer). A dry stout with huge drinkability. It comes in strong with 5.5% ABV, compared to a Guinness at 4.2% and Guinness Extra Stout slightly above with 6.0%. It is a good beer, one of the better brews from Saranac, and I hope to see this one again, as it is labeled as a limited beer.


One comment on “FX Matt Brewing Co “Saranac Irish Stout” Review (#014)

  1. coe young says:

    It was a very good example of a light bodied stout. I enjoyed drinking this with Jay.

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