One Month In, and I am Going Strong

It was 31 days ago that I launched this blog, in response to my friend Dave’s few months of bugging me to review beers, and write down notes, instead of just collecting empty bottles.  The bottle collection is going strong, as is the blog. Thus far, in the past month I have written 12 beer reviews, a few recipes, as well as a handful of other posts about beverage and such. The last beer review was being written simultaneously with this one. I just finished uploading the pictures. I have had quite a number of people checking out my blog; some from Twitter or Facebook, some I have shown them and they continue to check it, and some who just stumble upon it. I appreciate everyone who takes time to read what I write, and I hope it inspires people to try new beers, coffees, and foods; especially if you try some of the recipes posted.

I am just getting back into the swing of things at the brewery, and we are getting back on track to finish the construction of the new brew system, and on to cold storage and licensing. There will be not only posts coming that are about what we are doing at the brewery, but also beer reviews of what we are brewing. We have some great ideas kicking around for beers to try making, and the recipes are in the works. Interesting things will be happening soon.

Also, I am starting this week to begin my roasting apprenticeship at Laveggio Roasteria in Downtown Binghamton. I will be posting cupping notes, and insight into the coffee roasting world, as I use what I learn for roasting coffee beans and applying it to making beer – and the melding of the two arts in coffee beers, which we have already started, whose review shall be written within the week.

Thirdly, I am ready to start planting a vegetables and herb garden at my parents house, including beginning to grow hops. I hope to document important parts here on the blog, and then use the resulting crops for cooking up recipes and sharing the whole thing. It is open source food! All of my writings are Copyleft; please share.

There are many more ideas and things to come, but these are just some of the things that will be showing up soon. I plan on keeping up writing beer reviews, and at this pace, that would be over 130 in the year 2010. Check back soon.

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