Ommegang “Witte” Review (#012)

Ommegang Witte
Cooperstown, NY

If there was ever a town to start a brewery in, it would be a place called Cooperstown (although it has nothing to do with barrels), which also happens to be the birthplace of baseball, and home to the Baseball Hall of Fame.

From The Brewery:

Ommegang Whitte is a traditional Belgian-style white ale. The light body, frothy head, and quenching taste blen ciriander, sweet orange peel, and unmalted wheat into flavor as bright and soft as summer clouds over Flanders field.
ABV: 5.10%


Appearance: I poured this straw yellow white ale into an Ommegang chalice glass, allowing the fine white carbonated head to expand fully. It settled in slowly with little lacing on the glass.

Smell: The smell was light and sweet, with light sweetness, yeast, and a kick of spice. There is a bit of citrus and the slightest bit of alcohol.

Taste: Tartly sweet, with some lemon and a tinge of wheat. Very crisp and refreshing tasting; a summer beer.

Mouthfeel: It is a light bodied beer through and through with a nice level of carbonation. A bit drying but leaves you satisfied if thirsty.

Drinkability/Palitability : High, this is a great beer for a summer afternoon, especially for a picnic – which is actually suggested on their website. Despite the higher carbonation, which usually restricts a beers consumption level, this beer is very easy going down, for a few glasses.

Notes: Ommegang makes a number of stellar beers, most all of which I have tried. I wanted to get one last beer review in before the end of the month, so I headed to Wegmans after work tonight to pick out a beer to write up; and this one called to me. I wanted something with a high drinkability, and I realized 2 things. I had yet to review an Ommegang beer, which should happen within the 1st month of the blog. And 2nd, I did not have this bottle for my collection, as I have not had it in the past few months that I have been collecting. I highly recommend the tours of the Brewery Ommegang, and am pleased to find this beer most everywhere I travel, as it is a subsidiary of Duvel and thus distributed with it. Check back as I can promise you I will be not only writing up a review on the whole Ommegang lineup, but also will be taking a tour of the brewery sooner than later and doing a full writeup.


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