Ithaca Brewing Co. “Pale Ale” Review (#010)

Ithaca Beer Company’s Pale Ale
Ithaca, NY

From The Brewery:

Hopped and dry-hopped with generous amounts of west coast hops, our Pale Ale boasts a fragrant aroma and a pleasant hop bite. It has a deep golden color, and nicely balances the bitterness of the hops with the sweetness of the malt. Whether you know hops or not, our Pale Ale will appeal to all those looking for a refreshing, well balanced ale.

IBUs: 45
ABV: 5.8%
Malt: 2-Row Pale, British Crystal, White Wheat
Hops: Warrior, Columbus, Cascade, Centennial
Dry Hop: Centennial


Appearance: I poured this golden colored ale into a short pilsner glass, with room for its chunky white head. It had a good amount of fine carbonation, and left thin white lacing on the inside of the whole glass.

Smell: Very floral hoppy up front, with some bitter sweetness behind it.The dry hopping with the Centennial hops give it a nice citrus smell, that works very well for this American style pale ale.

Taste: Crisp, floral, with citrus notes and is very refreshing. More info below about food pairing, but having this with the chicken spiedies, which has a very acidic flavor given by the vinegar and lemon juice in the marinade, brings out a mellow malt flavor, that up until now I had not seen.

Mouthfeel: This is a very light bodied beer, with fine carbonation that is very refreshing. The hops give it a drying component, very common with pale ales.

Drinkability/Palitability: Huge! This is one of the easiest drinking beers I have had. Pale ales in general I find to be very easy drinkers, but sometimes the acidity of the hops lowers the ease of consumption. Ithaca does a great job with this one, bringing the hops you would expect in a pale ale, but still giving it balance with the malts.

Notes/Food Pairings:
I made a batch of chicken spiedies to eat with my parents, as they could not make it for the dinner I used for my blog post with the recipe. Last time we enjoyed some American Amber Ale brewed by us at Black Heart. Since I didn’t have any more of our beer on hand, I wanted to serve something that was made geographically close to Binghamton, as it is the birthplace of the spiedie. Ithaca Beer Co. is the closest brewery to Binghamton and I knew that their Pale Ale pairs well with spiedies.
I have drank this beer for years now, and because I have had many more super hoppy beers since trying this, I feel this beer is not only well balanced but also extremely approachable.


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