Ithaca Brewing Co. “Nut Brown Ale” Review (#011)

Ithaca Beer Company’s Nut Brown Ale
Ithaca, NY

Brett, Adam and I got together in the brewery tonight to work on some things and have some beers. We got the logistics squared away for the next step, and we should be up and running soon. One of the beers we had was Ithaca Beer Co. Nut Brown Ale

From The Brewery:

Nut Brown
The rich mahogany hue of the Nut Brown is the first thing you will notice. You’ll find subtle hints of both chocolate & coffee. We delicately blend chocolate & caramel malts with four others to make this flavorful, easy drinking beer. The malt character will appeal to those looking for a moderate dark ale, but the smoothness is what will surprise all
IBUs: 5.4%
Malt: 2-Row Pale, Munich, British Amber, Crystal, and Chocolate
Hops: Northern Brewer


Appearance: I poured this rich dark mahogany beer, with creamy mocha colored head into an Ithaca Beer Co. pint glass. It looks like it has some body, and is rich and almost opaque, but still lets some light through. Very inviting on this cold night

Smell: Rich and inviting roasted malts, with a smooth coffee hint, and a little yeast. Opens up to some earthy chocolate and slightest heat.

Taste: Smooth, nutty and earthy, with a drying espresso finish balanced by a malty sweetness.

Mouthfeel: Light and smooth, which is nice because it still maintains a hefty flavor. It is much like a light, airy, whipped dessert after dinner can still have a full flavor.

Drinkability: Medium to high. This has some weight and ingredients that make it a but heavier, but one goes down very smooth.

Notes: It is very inviting like a desert, and is comparable to a porter in richness and roast. This was one of the first beers I have ever had – not this one, back when I turned 21, and I remember when I had my first one of these. Ithaca Beer Co is 45 minutes from where I grew up and live again. It was the first brewery I ever visited, and enjoy a number of their beers (did NOT care for the ). If you like coffee, or dark chocolate, then I would buy their Nut Brown if you see it available. Ithaca is a stellar example of a New York State brewery. I will be doing some craft soda reviews sometime sooner than later with some craft sodas from Ithaca Soda Co (the brewery’s soda brand) and Saranac Soda, from Utica, NY. I am on the lookout for some other ones to include in a tasting event.


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