FX Matt Brewery “Saranac Brown Ale” Review (#009)

Saranac Brown Ale
By FX Matt Brewery
Utica, NY

From The Brewery:

This Brown Ale is brewed with American malt and hops, and traditional ale yeast.  Look for a sweet, chocolaty taste, with balanced bitterness resulting in a full flavored but smoothly drinkable beer.
Beer Style: American Brown Ale
Malt Selections: American Two-Row Pale, Victory, Chocolate
Hop Selections: Cascade, Columbus
Color: Medium Amber
Mouthfeel / Body: Medium
Food Companions: Pizza and Spicy Foods
Alcohol By Volume: 6.0%
Original Gravity: 14.5


I poured this beer into my Duvel tulip glass; a favorite of mine.

Appearance: This poured hard to a medium sized white creamy head, and a rich red color, with a hint of brown. Minimal carbonation, and good head stand and lacing with agitation.

Smell: This is a solid sweet malty smelling beer. There is a fair amount of yeast component, I often see in these American takes on classic ales such as browns or ambers; something I enjoy if done well, which I see here is on the nose.

Taste: Big malt, that is sweet up front and drying on the finish. Esters from the yeast, similar to the smell characteristic it imparts, is pleasant and enjoyable. Bittering hops at the end makes it a bit more interesting, as the sweetness comes back through as the sharpness fades away.

Mouthfeel: Fine carbonation on the tongue, with a light to medium body, that leaves a drying finish. Hops seem to play more of a part in mouthfeel texture and after effects, than upfront flavor.

Drinkability/Palitability: High; this beer is very easy to consume and a pleasure to do so. I see this as not only an extremely approachable craft beer, but also a fine example of a classic American style.

Notes:  I really enjoy the Saranac line of beers from the FX Matt Brewery, which I was fortunate enough to attend a Dropkick Murphy’s show AT the brewery – and boy was the beer inexpensive! One of my favorite New York State breweries.


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