Cupping Mexico “Oaxaca” City Roast

This was posted yesterday on “From The Roasting Room” blog. I took the pictures and helped write it up with Coe – for whom I am helping with his online media work. This was my first cupping experience, as a begin the road of coffee roaster apprentice at Laveggio. I was able to experience all of this first hand as Coe roasted the beans, prepared the cupping setup as the coffee beans cooled, and cupped in the process which is done daily by artisan roasters. I had a great time and look forward to this ‘ritual’ often.

The first cupping of today’s production is Mexico “Oaxaca” City Roast, with a new roast profile.

Cupping Notes

Dry Aroma:
Milk chocolate, walnut, cedar/pipe tobacco, sweet caramel
Wet Aroma:
milk chocolate, heavy caramel sweetness
Tasting Notes:
Huge milk chocolate moving to black cherry. Medium mouth feel. Milk chocolate/caramel finish. As the coffee cools, the milk chocolate moved to dark chocolate notes with a hint of black tea.


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