Posts in The Works

This has been one hell of a work week, and as things have sped up in the real world, my Pie-rate contributions in the digital world have slowed down. Here is what has been going on:

I have been working closely with Coe Young, of Laveggio Roasteria and Espresso Bar to expand their web presence and generate coffee related content for their website (, blog (“From The Roasting Room“), and respective Twitter accounts (Coe & Mary Ann). In return for the service, Coe is beginning to teach me to roast coffee beans, and other facets of artisan coffee. I will be posting a good deal of coffee related material here beginning shortly, including reviews of coffees, cupping notes, and about my apprenticeship into the coffee world.

The brewery is coming along slowly, as Brett has begun working on the electrical box to house all the circuitry and components, and should kick start us back up and running for the new year. There are a few beers in the queue to be made, and will be posting about them here as they come. I also have a few bottles of Black Heart beer to drink and write some reviews on, and plan on doing so very shortly.

I have a few beers lined up to review as well as some recipes to try out, all of which will be up here as soon as they are written. Hope to update soon!

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