Bottling Beers From Holidays

Finally my first brewery related post! We made quite a few beers for the holidays – Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Years Eve – and with the use of a little self control, we were able to hold off and not drink it all. Last night, we bottled 4 of our brews; the American Amber Ale, the Extra Amber Ale (big brother to Amber Ale), our Holiday 2009, and our Dogfish Head 90 Minute Clone. What I am really excited about is being able to write up reviews and post them here. Some might question me reviewing my own products, but I am my biggest critic. I will be able to share the intent we had when making the beers, and in my opinion, how that is reflected in the final product.
The first beer I will be reviewing is our American Amber, and that should be up by Sunday evening. I have chicken spiedies marinading that I am cooking for dinner tomorrow – Saturday – and will be accompanying the review with that recipe.
There are some big things coming soon, so stay tuned!


One comment on “Bottling Beers From Holidays

  1. […] beers in the queue to be made, and will be posting about them here as they come. I also have a few bottles of Black Heart beer to drink and write some reviews on, and plan on doing so very […]

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