The Begining

Hello world,
Thanks to many inspirational forces around me, I have decided to start a food and beverage blog. With the New Year right around the corner, what better time than now to start. The site will go live on New Years Day, with a few posts/articles in the works ready to go online January 1st.
I am currently in the equipment construction phase of a nanobrewery build out in my business partner’s newly renovated garage. We are known as Black Heart Brewery and the brewery related posts on here will also be mirrored on our website
A purly beer related blog has been on my mind for a while, but recently I have been introduced to many more facets of artisan food and beverage. I realized that if I were to be writing about beer, I would be posting pictures and recipes of what I was pairing with the beers, so it would be best to cover all my bases and include food from the get go. That lead to a naming problem. Every blog needs a name, even if it is ‘Drinking With Jay’. I needed a catch all name to cover all food and beverage. Through brainstorming with my friend Dave and with the helpful inspiration of some Harpoon IPA and Dark, he birthed the name ‘Down The Pie-rate Hole’ and within minutes, it was registered on WordPress.
Thank you Dave for the name of the blog and for pressing me to write down my thoughts. Thanks to The Beer Hunter Michael Jackson for your life’s work. Keep up the good work Erik, Eli and Dusty at Beer Tap TV. Thanks Coe at L’aveggio Roasteria for the continuing education in artisan coffee.
Thank you for reading, and please check back regularly starting January 1, 2010 for updates.

Jay Maslar


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